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How Does a Contingent Fee Agreement Work?

How Does a Contingent Fee Agreement Work?

In simple and easy to understand words, This means that if there is no recovery for you, there is no fee for me .  Years of litigating cases has allowed me the opportunity to develop an experienced team of expert witnesses, investigators and paralegals that I can use to achieve the best possible outcome for my clients. By preparing the case for trial from the very outset, we send a message to the defense that we are willing to go the distance to make sure we achieve a recovery that fairly and adequately compensates our clients for their injuries. 

After finishing in the top ten percent of my first year class and receiving an invitation to joint the Law Review at CalWestern, I graduated Cum Laude with honors and went on to found my own personal injury firm. I have since recovered millions for my clients by developing an aggressive approach towards resolution. My commitment to my clients is to treat their interests as if they were my own.

My first concern when a client contacts me is to determine whether he or she is getting the appropriate medical care and treatment needed to properly address the injuries he or she sustained. I have excellent working relationships with physicians all over the greater San Diego area. I can refer clients to medical doctors, orthopedists, neurosurgeons and physical therapists that can properly assess the extent of their injuries and determine what is needed to help the client recovery from his or her injuries as quickly as possible.

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